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We here offer you a wide variety of Dubai Hotels and Dubai Hotel Apartments at the best possible discounted rates while you travel to Dubai. You can get all the information related to these hotels at our website.We have a contract with wide range of Hotels whereby you can search availability of your required hotel room online. The searching function is quite easy and quick that helps you in finding the best option according to your requirements.We have dedicated team that work 24 hours to updated the details regarding hotels on our website including travelling to dubai, new promotions, major events around the cities, new hotels, restaurants and other such information. Also to depict the clear picture of these hotels we publish genuine editorial reviews of many hotels all around the Dubai.

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Best Time to Visit Dubai

Decide when you'd like to visit Dubai by checking these seasonal weather details:

  • The hottest months are typically August and July, while December and January are the coldest months
  • January-March: Daytime temperatures average 77° F and nighttime temperatures average 43° F
  • April-June: 93° F is the daytime average and 56° F is the nighttime average
  • July-September: Daytime averages are around 96° F and nighttime averages are around 66° F
  • October-December: The average temperatures are 86° F during the day and 42° F at night
  • Average rainfall is 49.80 inches in a year

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